Vulnerability Management Solutions

Organizations have a tremendous opportunity to use information technologies to increase their productivity. Securing information and communications systems is a necessary factor in taking advantage of all this increased connectivity, speed, and information. However, no security measure will guarantee a risk-free environment in which to operate. Many organizations need to provide easier user access to portions of their information systems, thereby increasing potential exposure. New vulnerabilities appear every day due to flaws in software, faulty configuration of applications and IT gear, and good old human error.  Organizations are exposed to a huge amount of vulnerabilities any time. There is a huge amount of old vulnerabilities to confront and there is the constant struggle to face the every day thousand new zero-hour vulnerabilities and exploits that are announced causing enterprises a hard time prioritizing which vulnerabilities to remediate. 

To a cyber criminal, vulnerabilities on a network are hidden, high-value assets. When exposed, these vulnerabilities can be targeted for exploitation, which may result in unauthorized entry into a network, can expose confidential information, provide fuel for stolen identities, trigger theft of business secrets, violate privacy provisions of laws and regulations, or paralyze business operations. 

Our Vulnerability Management solutions provide a broad array of capabilities for finding and eliminating vulnerabilities including capabilities to discover all systems attached to your network, identify and analyse vulnerabilities on all discovered systems, report findings of discovery and vulnerability analysis, simplify the vulnerability remediation process, confirm that remedies or workarounds have been applied and provide reports to address security compliance requirements of PCI DSS, ISO27001 etc.


Supply workflow capabilities for prioritizing and tracking remediation efforts.
Provide tested remedies and workarounds for cases where no remedy as yet exists.
Be highly accurate, essentially eliminating false positives and false negatives – and be non-intrusive.
Provide tested remedies and workarounds for cases where no remedy as yet exists.
Generate concise, actionable, customizable reports, including vulnerability prioritization using severity levels and trend analysis.
Integrate seamlessly with customers’ Security Information Management (SIM), Intrusion Detection System (IDS), patch management, and help desk systems.
Provide user access management to restrict users’ roles and privileges to their function in the organization and network responsibility.