Entrust Document Signing Certificates

Digital Signing

Get a boost of confidence when sharing sensitive information electronically. Entrust Document Signing Certificates support digital signatures for Adobe® and Microsoft Office® documents to secure legally binding documents. Simply click on the Signing functionality to create a Document Signing Certificate on any desktop for trusted document verification in real-time. Organizations and individuals who share sensitive information electronically get a clear warning if the document has been tampered with. Visual trust indicators show recipients the sender’s identity has been verified by Entrust, a trusted Certificate Authority, and that the document has not been altered during transmission. Real-time assurance verifies the authenticity not just the first-time, but throughout the document’s lifetime. Entrust Document Signing Certificates are issued using the SHA-2 signing algorithm for browser compliance bringing even greater security.

Benefits :

Supports Green office initiatives with paperless technology.
Reduces Costs associated with manual paper processes.
Establishes trust for electronically transmitted documents.
Verifies author and document authenticity providing non-repudiation.
  •  Microsoft Windows Operating System - 7, 8.1
  •  Microsoft Windows Server Operating System - 2008 and 2012
  •  Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and 11
  •  SafeNet Software
  •  Microsoft Windows Operating System - 7, 8.1
  •  Microsoft Windows Server Operating System - 2008 and 2012
  •  Adobe Reader
  •  Adobe Acrobat
  •  Microsoft Office Word and Exce
  •  OpenOffice
  •  LibreOffice
  •  SafeNet Software
  •  Adobe Reader,Acrobat or other PDF software compatible that supports certificate signed PDF documents
  •  Microsoft Word and Excel