Transaction Security Solutions

Securing digital banking channels while ensuring a positive customer experience and keeping IT costs in check has become a difficult challenge that calls for an innovative solution. Our solutions provide a full portfolio of solutions to meet your needs. This includes an authentication platform that supports an array of secure, convenient and easy-to-use authentication devices and the ability to actively monitor and remedy potentially fraudulent events. This will help protect your users, regulatory compliance and provide you with the flexibility to adapt to your ever evolving business needs.

Our solutions are built on highly advanced technologies — yet they are incredibly easy for consumers to use. In addition to securely identifying users through our authentication products, we offer mobile push notifications for questionable transactions. Simple, one-touch mobile prompts allow end users to use mobile devices to confirm or reject transaction.

A recent study found that 45% of all online and mobile banking users believe their banks need to improve digital security. Our solutions allow you to demonstrate security measures that clearly protect information and assets that are so important to your customers.

Your mobile and online offerings will grow in number and complexity over time. Our approach allows you to build a single security framework that easily expands to meet changing needs.