Insider Threat Detection and Prevention Solutions

An insider threat can happen when someone close to an organization with authorized access misuses that access to negatively impact the organization’s critical information or systems. The "insider" can be an employee or third party vendors, contractors, and business partners that have legitimate, legal access to corporate data which can pose a threat as well. While data breaches are the most common security issue in this case, some insiders can also perform critical configuration changes or use corporate assets for fraud.
Our solutions help you detect and prevent both malicious and accidental insider threats providing a comprehensive insider threat management solutions which meet the security needs of enterprises of any size. Using indexed session video records as a core format, we provide multiple search, analysis and incident response tools thus enabling employee fraud detection and third-party service provider monitoring. The potential risks of insider threats are numerous, including installing malware, financial fraud, data corruption, or theft of valuable information. Our solution counteract all these possible scenarios, with 6 key capabilities

Integrate insider threat detection with SIEMs and other security tools for greater insight. Add user session data to your SIEM dashboards and reports. With the Insider Threat solution integrated into your SIEM or log management solutions, you get a clearer picture of exactly what happened before, during, and after an insider threat incident.