Mobile Security Solutions

As mobile devices proliferate, productivity benefits. But the demand for ‘anytime anywhere’ access to information, which involves your corporate data travelling on personal devices (BYOD) outside your IT perimeter, introduces new elements of risk. The volume and sophistication of cyberthreats specifically targeting mobile devices continues to grow, as cybercriminals recognize the value of the data these devices carry. And the threats don’t stop there – an under-secured mobile device can open a route into your corporate network, with serious operational consequences. 

Managing and securing every mobile device that employees use in the course of their work, can be difficult and time consuming. With phones and tablets able to access your corporate systems – and capable of storing so much sensitive corporate data – protecting mobile devices is just as important as securing every other endpoint in your business.

Our leading Mobile Security solutions help organizations to ensure mobile workers can use phones and tablets to perform work tasks without their mobile devices putting sensitive business data or critical business processes at risk. Our solutions secure a wide range of mobile devices – including Android and iOS –  and provide visibility and control to manage every phone and tablet that accesses business systems and data. They provides multilayered protection, including anti-malware, anti-spam, web control, application control and device control – plus anti-theft features. To help simplify administration tasks, all functions are managed from a single management console.