Incident Response Plan Services

A security incident response plan is a valuable component of your security strategy. A documented, tested plan that outlines the critical steps your business will take in the likely event of an incident, can drastically reduce the financial impact to your business.

Whether the incident arises because of viruses or worms, employee espionage or sabotage, customer fraud, identity theft, or hacker break-in, every business must be prepared, especially those that depend upon technology to support critical business processes.

We take a sensible approach to this problem. Using industry best practices, we build a response framework that aligns with business critical processes and goals, continue with the development of specific security response procedures, and test the plan with one or more simulations. As businesses and technology change over time, so too must a company’s incident response plan. We can periodically examine and update your incident response plan to reflect those changes in order to maximize your business preparedness.