Fraud Prevention Solutions

Fraud detection and prevention is a continuous process with no starting or ending point. It involves monitoring, detection, analysis, decisions, case management and learning to feed improvements in detection back into the system and requires an analytics life cycle approach. It is a difficult challenge that calls for innovative solutions, Securing transactions while ensuring a positive user experience and keeping IT costs in check is a challenge that is confronted.

We provide a full portfolio of solutions to protect organizations from loss of monetary and information assets through fraudulent activities including Authentication and Fraud Prevention. Through a Layered Security Model we further address your PSD2 compliance requirements.

Payment Services Directive (PSD2)

PSD2 and Open Banking bring speed, flexibility and choice to existing banking functions for consumers — and they will clearly lead to entirely new sets of products and services. 

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Transaction Security

Securing digital banking channels while ensuring a positive customer experience and keeping IT costs in check become a difficult challenge that calls for an innovative solution.

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