Secure File Sharing Solution

Securely access or share your enterprise data from anywhere using any device – without a VPN. Our Secure File Sharing solution offers multiple ways to access your organization’s files securely: web access, sync, virtual drive, mobile apps, WebDAV and browser add-ons.

Securely access your enterprise data from anywhere using any mobile device – without a VPN. Our Secure File Sharing mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows) provide secure access to your organization’s data from mobile devices.

Share your files easily and securely by creating a public or password protected links to files. You can securely transfer files or set up a collaboration space for project-related files or backup files. Our solution offers many sharing options e.g restrict number of downloads, view only, time bound shares, restrict uploads.

Allow your existing Active Directory users to use the secure file sharing solution using their AD credentials. The solution supports multiple Active Directory servers, Mixed Domain Active Directory (Hosted AD), and Single Sign-On (SSO) using NTLM SSO, SAML and ADFS.

Providing a seamless experience with Microsoft Office productivity applications is one of the core value propositions of our Secure File Sharing solution. The client apps enable best-in-class integration with Microsoft Office on PCs and mobile.

Deploy and manage thousands of users and millions of files using a powerful admin tools. Admin dashboard provides usage trends, peak usage, access by geo, and other key file analytics. The Secure File Sharing solution provides tools to customize UX, apply global policies, create custom workflow, monitor and audit.

Whether you want to spot suspicious download activities or track popularity of content among your partners, the solution gives you the reports that provide better insights and control over your content.

We take security seriously and provide all the tools and modern encryption methods and industry standards to transfer and store your data securely.