Threat Assessment Services

Our Threat Assessment Services aim to evaluate the degree of threat to an information system or enterprise and provide detailed reporting on the nature of the threat, among recommendation for the remediation.

Penetration Testing

At the conclusion of our penetration test, you will know which vulnerabilities can be exploited and what can happen if they are

exploited. You can then plan to correct the vulnerabilities based on the amount of critical information exposed or network control gained by exploiting the vulnerability.

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Phishing Services

Our Phishing Services are  designed to change your users risky behavior and enable them to recognize and report phishing emails. By leveraging information gathered from phishing emails analyzed as part of Phishing Services, we utilize the latest tricks and tactics being used in real-world phishing attacks.

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Social Engineering        

Through our simulating social engineering attacks, we provide insight to organizations of their weakest points which is the human factor, assessing whether employees will click on a link from suspicious email or provide sensitive information on the telephone without following appropriate procedures for authenticating a caller. 

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Vulnerability Assessment

Acting as an insider (anyone with physical or electronic access to your company’s network), we attempt to compromise your Intranet servers, workstations, and routers.

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Web Application Assessment        

Our Web Application Scanning service is designed to ensure your web applications are free from vulnerabilities that can be exploited to compromise your business or data. 

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Wireless Assessment

With our Wireless Assessment services we pioneer on many of the approaches toward evaluating a wireless network in order to help reduce enterprise level threats. 

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