Endpoint Protection Solutions

Our Endpoint Protection Solutions pulse continuously at the heart of your IT infrastructure, delivering Next Generation endpoint protection against the most sophisticated known, unknown and advanced cyberthreats. Layer upon layer of proactive, intelligent technologies intermesh to provide powerful, resilient defenses with minimal impact on speed or resources, and no software conflicts or security gaps.

Our Anti-Malware offers advanced Anti-Ransomware and Anti-Exploit protection, protecting endpoints from the latest exploits and keep data and shared folders safe and secure from advanced threats and ransomware, guards system-critical processes and prevents leaking user and administrator credentials.

Application Control technology significantly reduces exposure to zero-day attacks by providing total control over what software is allowed to run on desktops and servers intercepting the launch of executable files, DLLs and controling scripts executed by a variety of interpreters.

Our Anti-Malware solution monitors the application’s behavior, blocking potentially malicious activity and protecting legitimate applications from being exploited and used by malware.

Approved and trusted applications continue to run smoothly. But attackers use also rootkits and bootkits to hide their activities from security solutions. Anti-rootkit technology, helps detect even the most deeply hidden infection and neutralizes it.

Our Anit-Malware is capable of spotting more attacks and intrusions and enable the capture and analysis of large volumes of data onshore without impacting user productivity and identifies network attacks and exploits and stopping them in their tracks.