Information Security Awareness

A training program for security awareness will inspire and encourage everyone to practice secure computing because everyone - from management to end users - will understand that they have a vested interest in secure computing.

Employees need to be told why security is important and what assets, both tangible (equipment, media) and intangible (information, reputation), require protection. They must be made familiar with the basics of security solutions and they must be encouraged to act according to all security policies.  New employees need to know that the organizational culture encourages security alertness.

Security Awareness Training will show why security is important to the organization. People are more likely to comply with the spirit and letter of security policies and procedures if they understand the reasoning behind them. This does not only include technical issues, risks and solutions, but will also make everyone in the organization aware that e.g. software copyright violations are a serious breach of company ethics.

Our Security Awareness Seminars seek to assist organizations in mitigating the risks from Human based attacks, which are capable of circumventing a wide range of deployed controls by publishing the culture of “defending people by people.” Our seminars educate the new concept of the “Human being firewall,” how it could be applied to maintain a good security posture, and finally providing practical guidance on responding to incidents effectively and efficiently. Our structured awareness training should be considered in every organization that needs to maintain a good security posture.

The first training package addresses itself to all Employees.  It will allow each employee to know about the Policies, Standards, Processes and Tools that the company uses. As part of the training it also includes the tools that are used to support these policies. Finally, the training package covers essential topics about security that all employees must be familiar with in order to behave in a secure way. 

This course will cover basic security topics into more technical detail. It will give all IT staff the technical knowledge about security they must have in order to execute their daily job duties in a secure way.

The last training package is for Managers only. During a few hours session BESECURE explains to the managers how they can help with IT Security. BESECURE will take managers through the steps in an IT Security investigation and show them where they should interfere. Topics of the security policies that have a direct interest for them will be covered in detail. Each manager receives a copy of the policies and is encouraged to share them with their department. The next steps of the Security Awareness Program will also be covered with the managers.