Endpoint Security Solutions

Technology is a transformative force for business, but technology also opens the doors to criminals, and it’s the endpoint that is the prime target and source of the majority of problems. In the last year alone, over 38% of businesses suffered a cyber-attack, while 39% of attacks aimed at protected endpoints succeeded. In this environment, companies need to be smarter than the cyber criminals attacking them.

Our endpoint security solutions use several Next Generation technologies to neutralize the majority of threats before they hit the advanced protection layers. Suspicious files that make it as far as the endpoint are detected and blocked. This combination of advanced technologies with a multi-layered approach achieves the perfect balance between performance and efficient protection. It plays a critical role in endpoint protection solutions achieving one of the highest detection rates in the industry, as continuously demonstrated through independent tests. Every physical, virtual and cloud-based endpoint is managed together through one console, improving efficiency and reducing your TCO.

Endpoint Protection

Our Endpoint Protection Solutions pulse continuously at the heart of your IT infrastructure, delivering Next Generation endpoint protection against the most sophisticated known, unknown and advanced cyberthreats

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Mobile Security

Our leading Mobile Security solutions help organizations to ensure mobile workers can use phones and tablets to perform work tasks without their mobile devices putting sensitive business data or critical business processes at risk.

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