Enterprise Password Vault Solutions

Our Password Vault solutions  give the possibility to large enterprises and small businesses to have full control over user access to groups of passwords or valuable information (credit cards numbers, ID numbers, etc) which are stored on a centralized secure repository.

Users can see their complete list of the passwords after logging into the Password Vault solution, but the password itself is not downloaded until a specific request to access a location is made. Then it is stored in memory, not on disc. Access to passwords can be assigned by the administrator according to user or group roles, so sensitive data is not accessible to unauthorized personnel.

Benefits :

Centrally manage identities in a single location and prevent unauthorized access to critical systems.
Eliminate lost time on retrieval of forgotten passwords.
Reduce password retrieval or reset costs managed by a help desk by 40% or more.
Complete logging of user access for auditing purposes.
Protect login credentials  from malware like Key loggers and trojans can which can lead to hacking of company databases and stealing of valuable secrets.