Privileged Access Management Solutions

Prevention of both breaches and insider attacks has become a major driver for the adoption of privileged access management (PAM) solutions, in addition to compliance and operational efficiency. Furthermore establishing controls around privileged access continues to be a focus of attention for auditors.  

Our privileged access management  (PAM) solutions help organizations protect critical assets and meet compliance requirements by securing, managing and monitoring privileged accounts and access. 

Our solutions offering provide one or more of these capabilities to allow organizations to:

Control access to shared accounts by either disclosing credentials in the form of passwords, keys and other secrets in a controlled manner or, alternatively, by providing single sign­on (SSO) – without revealing the actual credentials.
Control and filter commands or actions an administrator can execute.
Provide accountability by monitoring and recording privileged access, commands and actions.
Automatically randomize and manage passwords and keys for administrative, service and application accounts, and store them in a secure vault.
Maintain a comprehensive view of privileged accounts, as well as a view of what users are doing in the IT environment, through dashboards, reporting and analytics.
Manage SSH keys for accessing systems and applications.
Integrate with existing IT service and support management (ITSSM) systems and change management workflows for tighter control of administrative access.