Threat Detection & Response Solutions

Insider threats in cyber security, frequently referred as user-based threats, are commonly cited as one of the major risks for organizations. Insiders are employees, third-party contractors, and other business partners that have legitimate, legal access to corporate data. Insiders present a threat of abusing their access privilege in order to steal, corrupt, or destroy valuable corporate or employee data. While data breaches are the most common security issue in this case, some insiders can also perform critical configuration changes or use corporate assets for fraud. All recent industry research demonstrates an increasing importance of insider threat monitoring, as security experts define these attacks as the most silent and devastating. Our solutions will safeguard you with effective security controls for insider threat detection, monitoring and auditing.

Insider Threat Detection And Prevention

The potential risks of insider threats are numerous, including installing malware, financial fraud, data corruption, or theft of valuable information. Our solution counteract all these possible scenarios, with 6 key capabilities.

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Vulnerability Management

A corporate network is exposed to a huge amount of vulnerabilities any time. There is a huge amount of old vulnerabilities to confront and there is the constant struggle to face the every day thousand new zero-hour vulnerabilities and exploits that are announced.

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