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Data Leakage Prevention Solutions
McAfee is uniquely positioned to continue driving data loss protection technology into and across corporate security infrastructure, including agents, web, mail, and cloud offerings to simultaneously drive simplicity while increasing capability and scale beyond the enterprise.
By being named a leader in Data Loss Prevention, McAfee provides customers with the tools they require to keep operations up and running while cost effectively minimizing IT risks.
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Websense is a leader in integrated Web, data and email security, protecting the essential information of more than 42 million people around the world. Websense data loss prevention (DLP) technologies are part of the Websense TRITON solution and provide market-leading DLP capabilities designed to secure sensitive information and intellectual property, as well as manage and enforce regulatory requirements. With the ability to discover sensitive data stored throughout the network as well as to detect transmission of such data, Websense DLP solutions help prevent data loss through multiple channels such as email, Web, USB drives, LAN storage, and printing. Websense Positioned as a Leader in Magic Quadrant for Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention.
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